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October 11, 2008

Blogs worth monitoring – week 11

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I read with interest during the week ‘Citizen journalism ruins the world (again)’ on the BuzzMachine webpage.

I have frequented this blog before and read some interesting articles, sometimes not finishing them as the blog seems to drag on and also be uneasy on the eye.

That aside, I read the above article with interest since it was directly related to my current Journalism studies.

Jeff Jarvis writes on some attention-grabbing topics and I found this well written but was over 750 words in length.

Jarvis had been contacted about a rumour that the CEO of Apple had experienced a heart attack, which was published on CNN’s iReport.

Jarvis was asked to defend Citizen Journalism as the story spread and caused Apple’s stock to lose 10% of its value.

The story turned out to be a hoax.

Jarvis pointed out that the story may not have been created by a Citizen Journalist, but rather a clever individual who created the commotion and then collected some Apple shares.

A fellow iReporter released the following vlog expressing his opinions on what happened


(Video from iReport –


One thing I found interesting in the vlog is that iReport was correlated to YouTube.

CNN only assumes responsibility for the content when they select relevant stories and use them on their webpage – after fact checking I am sure.

With the current economic crisis in the USA, Apple didn’t need this type of publicity and the effect it caused.

I am sure we will hear more about this situation and how Citizen Journalists should be ‘controlled’.

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